Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rampage Movie Review - The Battle with Giant Monsters

Rampage is a movie that revolves around scientifically mutated giant animals. The lead actor, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock did what he always does best which is driving the movie with his signature charisma. However, this is not enough to make Rampage a great movie.

Out in local cinemas from today (April 12th) onwards
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The film is heavily focused on action scenes. The action shots taken are incredible and visually stunning. The plus points of Rampage is the development of the relationship between a rare albino silverback gorilla, George and Davis Okoye, a primatologist played by Dwayne Johnson. The relationship between these two characters is able to allow the audiences to connect with them. Unfortunately, the other characters are forgettable.

Davis Okoye and George, an albino gorilla
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Rampage is a movie created based on an old video game in the 80s. Like most of the other movies who have tried bringing video games to the big screen, it fell short on the story plot. The plot is thinly written and pretty straightforward. Some of the time spent on producing the action scenes should have been given to writing a better storyline.

Subject: Ralph, the wolf
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Subject: Lizzie, the crocodile
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Casts starring:
(From L to R; Naomie Harris as Dr Kate Caldwell, Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye, 
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Harvey Russell & Demetrius Grosse as Colonel Blake)
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It has a lot of wrecking and destruction in Rampage. So much so that the story plot is quite wrecked up itself. 
However, it is still an enjoyable popcorn flick. Audiences may have their adrenaline pretty pumped up by the end of the movie. 

Go see 'The Rock' and those big arse monsters for one big fun, action-filled movie in RAMPAGE!
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One should watch Rampage if you are an action movie fan or you just love watching giant monsters causing havoc and destruction.

And here is the trailer:

Go catch it and let me know what do you think about this! 

And thanks for reading! 

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Goodbye Christopher Robin Movie Review - The Origin of Winnie the Pooh

Goodbye Christopher Robin tells a tale of how the world-famous bear, Winnie the Pooh was created. From this movie, audiences will get to know the story behind the inspiration of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and it's famous author A.A.Milne.

In selected GSC cinemas from 19th April onwards

The film focuses on the relationship between Christopher Robins, his father A.A.Milne, his mother Daphne, and nanny Olive. It is interesting to watch how the interaction changes between Christopher Robins and his closest as he grows up in the movie. Fame changes everything and it always comes at a cost.

Bonding time between Christopher Robin and his dad

Playing time with Winnie the Pooh

The casts put up an amazing performance and played their role masterfully. Will Tilston as the young Christopher Robin is especially eye-catching as audiences may laugh and sob because of him. This movie could be better if more screen time was spent on the life story of A.A.Milne. It will allow the audience to feel more engaged with his character.

Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet & Pooh with Billy Moon aka Christopher Robin!

Goodbye Christopher Robin is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. It will trigger your thoughts and emotions once you finished the movie. One should watch Goodbye Christopher Robin if you like a heartwarming film or if you are just interested in knowing the origins of Winnie the Pooh.

Real A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin together with Winnie the Pooh
Picture from
“I'm not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” ― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-PoohThis famous quote by A.A.Milne aka Winnie-the-Pooh himself pretty much sums up the character himself.

Video from YouTube FoxMalaysia

Please take note that this movie will only be out in selected GSC Cinemas (GSC Mid Valley, GSC 1 Utama, GSC Gurney Plaza Penang, GSC Paradigm JB, GSC Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, GSC IOI City Mall, GSC Ipoh Parade Mall, GSC CityOne Megamall Kuching & GSC Suria Sabah KK) from 19th April 2018 onwards.

Hope you enjoy watching the movie! 

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**Picture by Christopher JOHNSON unless stated otherwise

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kipling x emoji® Event Launch

Was recently invited to attend Kipling x emoji® event at Mid Valley Megamall. It's a brand new limited collection in Asia where it allows one to express their own personal emotions via different emoji bags/pouches. 

Here are some of the bags/pouches displayed. Enjoy~ 

Apart from launching of Kipling x emoji®, Kipling Malaysia also started 'The Kipling Initiatives' campaign. 'The Kipling Initiatives' is a collaborative effort with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN) to raise awareness and stop the illegal trading of White-Handed Gibbons (a type of endangered Gibbon species) as pets.

Besides that, there is a contest organized by Kipling Malaysia. You just need to complete the steps below to stand a chance in winning a one of a kind Kipling merchandise!

1. Snap a CREATIVE picture with the Kipling x emoji® at their roadshow (North Court, Mid Valley)
2.  Like KIPLING MALAYSIA on both Facebook & Instagram (make sure your accounts are made to be public in order to be entered)
3. Tag 3 friends and insert these hashtag #kiplingmalaysia #MYkiplingXemoji #MYmonkeybusiness

That's it and fingers crossed! So simple right?!

Psst! You can also personalize your Kipling Furry Keychain with a minimum purchase of RM350 in a single receipt. (Just like mine below!)

This Kipling x emoji® roadshow @ North Court, Mid Valley Megamall is only until 1st April 2018! So hurry and pay them a visit! 

Here's a video that I have edited just for the Kipling x emoji event. Enjoy~


Thanks, Kipling Malaysia for the invite and thank you guys for reading this post! =)

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Laksaamana Damansara Uptown - Dry Spicy Laksa, Prawn Mee, and more!

Laksaamana, a modest restaurant located amongst the rows of shops in Damansara Uptown. It's bright orange signage and the tempting aroma of Laksa will surely divert your attention if you happen to be near this restaurant. Laksaamana Damansara Uptown is located along the stretch but at the opposite end of Dal.komm Coffee.

The bright orange signage that you can't miss

Catchy logo

Wallpaper with a short introduction of Laksaamana

Though filled with varieties of laksas, seafood noodles, and nasi packages, the Dry Spicy Laksa certainly stand out from the rest. One can't help but wonder how does a dry Laksa tastes like as we all know that Laksa always comes with broth. It certainly did not disappoint upon its arrival on the table.

Inspired by Dry Chilli Pan Mee, we guess!


The Dry Spicy Laksa is generously accompanied with other ingredients such as peanuts, eggs, thinly sliced cucumbers, meat chunks, shrimps, and some delicious crunchy Ikan bilis! It is served with rice noodles similar to the type of noodles used in Assam Laksa. It is slightly dry but definitely unique, spicy and delicious!

Do you know you can swap the noodle with rice for this dish (Prawn Mee)?! 

The Prawn Mee is served with rich prawn broth, egg, fish cakes, bean sprouts, chicken slices, and two fresh large prawns! 

Rendang lamb chop!

The Lamb Chop Rice is really enjoyable as it comes with a perfectly executed sunny side up, peas, carrots, corns, rice, rendang liked lamb chop and a small bowl of curry at the side. 
It is really one if it kind as the lamb chop was thoroughly infused with the intense flavor of rendang.

Crispy Spring rolls & Seafood Tofus as snacks!

Ayam Berempah! Yummy~

Most of these mouth-watering foods are at the affordable price of RM9.90. Do give it a try to satisfy your Laksa cravings! 

They also do catering for events and sometimes participate in food truck fiestas! Do check them out whenever you guys are around PJ Uptown!

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Do pay them a visit and share your comments with us! Thank you!

by Yuen

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Red Sparrow Movie Review - A Reluctant Spy Story

Red Sparrow is an ambitious spy thriller that aims to fly high with quite a number of famous casts. Unfortunately, it was brought down with its thin plot and characters development. The best element of Red Sparrow is its lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence. She has put on an outstanding performance for her given character, Dominika Egorova. You will be convinced that Jennifer Lawrence was indeed born Russian due to her masterful grasp on the Russian accent. Another standout cast is Jeremy Irons, although lack of screen time but he made full use of it.

Red Sparrow Official Movie Poster

Hot & Spicy ! 
(Don't mess with her!) 

The movie is about 2 hours and 30 minutes long. With this amount of running time, one would expect characters to be deeply developed by the time the movie has ended. Instead, most of the time was used on trying to make things more complex than it already is. Less is more, sometimes too much of something might not turn out to be good. The exciting part is there is an unexpected cool twist in the plot.

Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika Egorova 
& Sergei Polunin as Konstantin in Red Sparrow
Source: By Murray Close / Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

J-Law standing next to three of the Red Sparrow co-stars and her director.
From L - R; Francis Lawrence, Matthias Schoenaerts, Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons 

However, the movie is especially good at portraying raw grit and gruesome action scenes. It is slowly paced and somewhat resemblance to old-school spy thrillers. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. One should watch Red Sparrow if you have the interest in realistic and gritty spy movies.

The killer look

Red Sparrow is adapted from the book written by Jason Matthews. Jason Matthews was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative.

Book Adaptation by Jason Matthews

Here's the trailer of 'Red Sparrow':

Thank you 20th Fox Malaysia for the premiere passes.

Do go and watch Red Sparrow and share your review with me! Enjoy!

by Yuen

Monday, March 12, 2018

Let's Personalised Birthday Gifts!

What do you usually gift your friends or family during their birthday? Gift card vouchers or money inside red packet? Teddy bears or boring mugs? Well, why don't you try personalised gifts instead? I personally felt it's much more special and unique cause you really put all your heart, sweat and soul into it! Don't you all agree with me? 

Benefits of personalised gifts:

1. You get to DIY it with your very own pictures / text / design
Kinda like special gifts for her / him . 

2. It's memorable and lovely to get personalised gifts especially to commemorate brithday, wedding and anniversary dates

Well, my shy boyfriend's birthday is coming up real soon (2nd April - just incase if you guys wanna give him something also la...) and I'm trying to look for birthday gifts.

Thank god, I discover this site, Printcious Gift recently where you can actually customise personalised gifts to your family and friends! And holy mama, they have so many different categories for you to choose weh! From shirts, mugs, pillows, magnets, aprons to puzzles and many more weh! For me, it's because I'm really running out of idea on what to get as a birthday gift to shy boyfriend already! Then somehow I stumble upon this awesome site! Kinda save my life la! Last minute birthday gifts weh! And personalised wan someone leh! Geng leh me!~

So many categories to choose from! Oh my!

And just incase you want to know more, let me show you some step by step sample on how I did all these via images that I've screenshot! (so semangat to share, #jangankatasistakpayung ! Hehe!) It's really a very creative present idea for women and also to men So many categories to choose from! I head straight to bantal busuk's pillow cover category!

Definitely to personalised a pillow case! 

I get to customise front and back of the pillow case weh!

It's really very simple and direct! 
Upload from either your computer / FB / Insta account!

Of course I start the front pillow with my own face! tee hee~

Then only his face behind the pillow case! ahaha~
no specific reason but just saje...

*tadaaa!* I'm all done! 
Added to cart too!

Then because I still have some budget, I decided to get him an additional extra gifts since I'll get free shipping fee if I exceed RM70 and their personalised gifts are all on SALE with super good attractive price weh! Grab it quickly while you can okay!
I got him a personalised jigsaw puzzle with our face in it and with special message on it too! Well, I really hope he'll like it a lot! 

Next, I created a personalised jigsaw puzzle with special messages too! 

Once done with this 2 gifts, they even gave me an extra surprise! Purchase with purchase where if I exceed RM80, I can also get another one extra customised gifts as low as RM2.40 leh! Graphic tee, mug, mousepad, tote bag and so many more to choose and to customise! Walao~ Really very good with their marketing strategy loh! I confirm go click and get additional item loh! Should I choose graphic tee or mug leh? Hmm...

OMG! This purchase with purchase promo is sooooo good! 
Which one should I choose leh?! Mug okay mou?

Although it takes time to customise special gifts but trust me, it's fun and it's worth it! You know, just to see the smile on that person's face; well, in my case, I'm talking about my shy boyfriend's face! Awww~ Sweet sangat kan me? I know~

For more info about this, feel free to visit & shop online! “ – Precious Gifts From Your Heart” and psst! Did you know that they also provide d
oor gifts idea for guests too! And if you would like extra surprise for your partner on their birthday, feel  free to check out this page so that you can find all your birthday party prop

So now, it's your turn to shop for personalised gifts! Do share with me your personalised product if you want to! Enjoy the process!~


April P.

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